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Class Rooms

Diverse Learning Environments

We believe that the classroom is the 3rd educator in the learning process and environments for our students. 

NAEYC Standard 9: Physical Environment: 

The program has a safe and healthful environment that provides appropriate and well-maintained indoor and outdoor physical environments. The environment includes facilities, equipment, and materials to facilitate child and staff learning and development.

An organized, properly equipped, and well-maintained program environment facilitates the learning, comfort, health, and safety of the children and adults who use the program.


Monkey House

Children ages 6 weeks – 18 months are located in their own house within the Kid Angles campus. The “Monkey House” as we call it, offers two play rooms, a separate quiet room for sleeping, and a kitchen where bottles and food are prepared and fed to the children. Each child has their own cubbie to store extra clothes, comfort items and other belongings. Our infants and toddlers like to explore, sing, create and get messy.Children enjoy an emergent-play based curriculum that keys in on the interest of the children.  As the students develop and grow staff integrates more learning and exploration opportunities into their daily routine. When the weather is nice, children enjoy swings and other small toys outside, and may go for walks in strollers.

Butterfly Bungalow

The Butterfly Bungalow is bursting with energy - we are totally toddlers.  Ages in this house range from 18-30 months. We are in our own separate building. The “Butterfly Bungalow” offers three play rooms, and a kitchen where we enjoy our meals,  do activities and get down right messy. Each child has their own cubbie to store their  belongings.Our toddlers like to explore, sing, dance, create and get messy real - messy.  This class is where the social networking begins. Individual independence is encouraged and praised. Hugs and cuddling are a must. Here, children enjoy an emergent-play based curriculum that keys in on the interest of the children. The Butterfly Bungalow has access to two playgrounds.

The Zoo

Students in this class are 2.5 years old through early 3’s. This class is always ready to explore. Some of us are still potty training and that’s ok. We really start to focus on our social skills. Children engage in several learning centers including dramatic play, sensory tables, art and a reading area. We enjoy going outside at least twice a day. We do emerging activities that  support Indiana State Foundations. Self help skills are also taught and encouraged. Painting, messy play, singing and dancing are all intergraded into our program. Weekly emails are sent to our families so they can know what we are doing.  We just have a fun time in

“The Zoo”.

The Barn Yard

“The Barnyard” is a classroom with children 3-4 years and fully potty trained. It is located in the lower level of the main preschool facility. Children engage in several learning centers, including dramatic play, sensory tables, art and so much more. In our Barnyard we work on many self help skills such as toileting, self serving meals, and dressing. The daily schedule provides a balance of play and learning opportunities. Children are exposed to the outdoor play area for exploration as well as physical play. Children will be outside for at least two hours total per day (weather permitting).

IMG_1752 (1).jpg

The Meadow

The Meadow is a multiage classroom for children ages 4-5/Pre-Kindergarten. This environment allows for children to grow socially as a community. Peer interaction allows for each child to: learn through observation, develop key social skills and encourage confidence, leadership and independence.
Academics will be engaged through hands-on learning activities. Indiana State Standards are used for the curriculum while activites are teacher guided through the interest of the children. Phonics, and math are incorporated regularly during our group time. Upon completion of this class students are more than ready to meet the expectations of Kindergarten.

Children must be potty trained

to attend this class.

The Explorers

Families who have enjoyed their Kid Angles’ experience prior to sending their children to school have the opportunity to have their kids return during the summer or during break days. This is only open to Alumni students of Kid Angles and serves children ages 5-8. Explorers enjoy movies, field trips to Bryan Park Pool or other nearby parks, games and outdoor fun. Space is limited for this group.

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