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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



Kid Angles believes children are independent, curious, and competent. Children are wonders: questioning everything; developing a deeper understanding, making predictions, and communicating their discoveries through 100 Languages.

Our Mission

Using open ended activities and intentionally, creating a space that sparks natural curiosity and encourages children to learn about the world at their own pace. Our environments are created to be The Third Teacher.

Play and learning at Kid Angles is about the process, not the product. Children are able to reach their potential in each domain of development through our play-based, Reggio Emilia inspired practices.


A strong home and school connection helps foster the importance of learning, and assists us in encouraging your child to wonder deeply about the world around them. Parents are encouraged to become partners in learning, collaborate with educators, and share their child’s interest at home.


What is Reggio Emilia

A learning process that involves children, educators, families and the  community focusing on providing provocations in an intentional way, based on observations collected by educators and families, to promote the development of young children.

100 Languages of Children 

Refers to communication of young children, emphasizing on the importance of providing children with one hundred ways to share their thoughts, questions, and understandings of the world(s) around them.

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