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Kid Angles

The Early Education School

Welcome to Our School

Take a quick virtual tour. If interested in scheduling an in person tour or have more questions please, contact us in the link below.

Our Preschool Starts with Our Infants and Continues to Graduation.


The Monkey House

The Monkey House

6 wks –18 months are located in their own house within the Kid Angles campus. 

Butterfly Bungalow

The Butterfly Bungalow  is totally toddlers. Ages in this house range from 18-30 months. We are in our own separate building.

The Zoo

The Zoo Class is located in our main building. 2.5 years old through early 3’s. This class is always ready to explore.

The Barn Yard

The Barnyard is a classroom with children 3-4 years and fully potty trained. It is located in our main preschool facility. 

The Meadow

The Meadow is a multiage classroom for children ages 4-5/Pre-Kindergarten. This class is located in the our main preschool facility  

Buttefy Bungalow

What Parents Think

"We love Kid Angles! 

We had our children at Kid Angles for 4-5 years!  The teachers and staff worked hard and were wonderful!  They incorporated learning in with play and the kids really enjoyed it!  We would definitely recommend Kid Angles for your children!"



Why Choose Us?

Kid Angles is a place where families can feel comfortable knowing that their child is safe, happy, and snuggled while still receiving a quality emergent, play based education.  Our child care is the difference between PLAY and babysitting.​ Choosing a quality child care program is an important decision.  We are pleased that you are considering entrusting our staff with the care of your child/ren.  Rest assured that we will do our best to make the most of their days while you are away. We look forward to the opportunity to grow with your child/ren.​ Kid Angles believes children are independent, curious, and competent. Children are little researchers that question everything; developing a deeper understanding , making predictions and communicating their discoveries through 100 languages.​​​​ 


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